About Édis Milaré

Édis Milaré is the firm’s founder, whose practice areas are the most varied given his tremendous expertise in environmental law. He was state attorney of São Paulo from 1980-94 and Secretary of State of the Environment in the state government of São Paulo from 1992-95, while his activity in the field has served as a reference for virtually all states of the federation. Professor Milaré helped to draft the first bill of the Public Civil Action Act in 1985, which revolutionised the practice of law, in defence of trans-individual interests. As a visionary in the subject, he was a major contributor to the writing of ‘Chapter VI’ of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (enacted on 5 October 1988), which concerns social order, specifically regarding environmental treatment. He is a member of the consultative council of the Right for a Green Planet Institute and the Order of the Lawyers of Brazil (OAB), and founded the Association of Teachers of Environmental Law of Brazil.