About Claudia Santos Cruz

Claudia Santos Cruz joined the firm as a senior consultant in 2015 assisting clients on the international and cross-border aspects of their investments in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. She has close ties to Africa and England. Claudia was born in Mozambique, grew up in South Africa and holds dual Portuguese and Mozambican nationality. She trained and practised as an English solicitor from 1994 to 2005 at DLA Piper and Watson Farley & Williams in the City of London. Claudia has been based in Lisbon since 2005 and is registered with the Portuguese Bar Association. Before joining Morais Leitão she was a partner at two Lisbon-based law firms with offices in Mozambique and Angola. In 2018 Claudia registered with the Mozambique Bar Association (Resolution 02/CN/2014). She is a specialist in areas such as energy and natural resources (oil and gas, and mining), the international aspects of foreign investment into Angola and Mozambique, corporate and shipping.