About Boaz Golan

Boaz Golan is Head of the Antitrust and Competition Department, Goldfarb Seligman & Co. Adv. Golan possesses extensive experience and significant expertise in Israeli antitrust and competition law, including managing civil and criminal litigation proceedings in the field. Adv. Golan served as General Counsel of the Israeli Antitrust Authority for five years (2006-2011), during which he led the agency’s enforcement proceedings and played a prominent role in numerous decisions and legislation amendments. Following his service in the public sector, Adv. Golan developed an extensive private practice in the antitrust field, and is nowadays considered one of Israel's leading attorneys in the field. Adv. Golan specialises in all aspects of antitrust and competition, and he represents his clients in a wide variety of matters in these fields. Adv. Golan teaches a course on Antitrust and Economic Regulation in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and serves as Professional Development Coordinator for the antitrust professional development programme offered by the Israel Bar Association. He writes regularly for industry publications.