About Gabriel Loli

Gabriel Loli is co-head of the firm's Insurance & Reinsurance Law Department. His key practice areas are insurance, reinsurance, arbitration, public law, public contracting law, and civil law. He provides comprehensive advice to the leading insurance companies operating in the country, since he fully understands the contractual and regulatory aspects that regulate the local market. To date, he has participated in the analysis of claims, interpretation of various types of policies, discussion of hedges and risks of civil liability, property and construction, for more than USD900 million. His knowledge of construction law has allowed him a high specialisation in the analysis and interpretation of CAR policies. He is a member of Insuralex, AIDA and BILA, and the author of the article "Extreme Situations Require Extreme Measures: The D&O Policy and the Liability from Managers and Administrators" (Advocatus, No 52, Lima, 2015).

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