About Dr Ian Gauci

Dr Ian Gauci is a partner at the firm, and Head of the Life Sciences department. He has advised various companies in the pharma and medical device industries, particularly on the overlap between health and technology, and has also been active in advising on intellectual property and regulatory matters, advising entities tendering their services to the Maltese Government in relation to the Pharmacy of Your Choice schemes, and advising manufacturers of medical cannabis looking to relocate to Malta. Dr Gauci focuses particularly on the application of DLTs to the health sector, and has been key in the authoring of legislation regarding DLTs. He is the legal expert on the National Blockchain Taskforce, which was entrusted with reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the Government of Malta to implement its National Blockchain Strategy, resulting in the promulgation of the Virtual Financial Assets Act (Cap 590 of the Laws of Malta), the Malta Digital Innovation Act (Cap 591 of the Laws of Malta) and the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act (Cap 592 of the Laws of Malta). He also advises the Maltese Government on e-commerce and e-trust certification, and further acts as an adviser to the Malta Communications Authority, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA). Dr Gauci was also one of the founders of the Malta IT Law Association.