About Iulia Burbea

Iulia Burbea has extensive expertise in IP litigation as a managing partner, with a special focus on anti-counterfeiting matters. She has successfully advised and represented clients in many important cases, in competition, consumer protection, regulatory and IP matters, as well as in large IP transactions involving transnational companies and the structuring and management of IP portfolios. Iulia has been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2003, is a licensed European trade mark and design attorney, and is a member of the Legislative Commission of the Romanian Chamber of Trademark and Patent Attorneys. At present, Iulia is assisting clients in major cases with an impact on the commercial and artistic market in the fields of mineral waters, jewellery and mechanical, and in several litigations involving utility models. An associate lecturer at the Bucharest Faculty of Law, Iulia provides intensive consultancy on design matters, computer software protection and patent prosecution, and is a member of INTA, ECTA and MARQUES.