About Steve Levitan

Steve Levitan has extensive experience in structuring highly complex securitisation transactions backed by collateral encompassing a broad range of asset types, including student loans, auto loans, marketplace (peer-to-peer) loans, debt consolidation loans, residential solar panel loans and leases, Australian mortgage loans, commercial equipment receivables and leases, automobile receivables and leases, trade receivables, credit card account receivables, residential mortgage loans, home equity loans, financed insurance premiums, residual interests in pre-existing special-purpose entities and the re-securitisation of previously issued asset and mortgage-backed securities. Steve has represented sponsors/issuers and underwriters in public offerings, private placements, direct-lending/warehouse financings, offshore transactions and asset-backed commercial paper offerings. He has also represented clients in connection with acquisitions and sales of whole-loan assets and servicing operations. Steve can be reached at +1 212 309 6910 or at steve.levitan@morganlewis.com.

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