About Camilo Maruy

Camilo Maruy is the partner leading the tax area of Rebaza, Alcazar & De Las Casas law firm. He specialises in domestic and international tax planning related to investments, M&A transactions, financing operations, capital markets, banking, project finance and private clients. Regarding the latter, Camilo's experience is focused on elaborating complex plans to preserve high patrimonial families and individuals’ wealth. For such purpose, Camilo develops strategies for local and / or cross-border transfers of assets, structure of investment projects (investment funds, financial instruments, real estate, among others) and, has extensive experience in the design of tax planning as well as in all the aspects that they entail. He is a member of the Peruvian Tax Law Institute (IPDT), the International Fiscal Association (IFA – Peruvian Group), the former president of the tax committee of AFIN (Asociación para el Fomento de la Infraestructura Nacional) and a former member of the Audit Committee of the Peruvian Football Federation.

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