About Alécia Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho

Alécia Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho is of counsel at Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, and specialises in Administrative Law. She represents private companies and government bodies in public contracts, tenders, infrastructure and regulatory law. She is a member of the Arbitration and Mediation Chamber of the Paraná Federation of Industries (CAMFIEP), a full member of the Brazilian Institute of Lawyers (IAB), a member of the Administrative Law Committee of the São Paulo Institute of Lawyers (IASP) and of the Minas Gerais Institute of Administrative Law (IMDA), a consultant to the European Union (EU) on Public Procurement, member of the Editorial Council and a full-time contributor to several magazines which publish on the subject of public procurement, and is also a co-author of a number of works on Administrative Law.