About Juan Manuel González Garavito

Juan Manuel González Garavito is the founding partner at Pinilla, González & Prieto, having qualified as a specialist in administrative law from Universidad del Rosario. He is the leader of the urban and real estate law team, and has been the adviser and consultant in the most important projects of urban planning and real estate development not only in Colombia but in Central and South America. Over more than 20 years, Juan Manuel has been responsible for the legal and financial structure of some of the most significant real estate projects in the country, such as Ciudad Verde, Ciudad Lagos de Torca, La Felicidad, Ciudad Sanitaria Sanitas, El Tomillar, Rosa Blanca and Unicentro. He is a recognised expert in partial plans, macro-projects, implementation plans, regularisation and handling plans, and urban renewal plans, as well as in the design of financing mechanisms such as the burdens and benefits system. Juan Manuel has also been an adviser for the Colombian Construction Chamber (CAMACOL).

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