About Carmen Robayo

Carmen Robayo is a partner of the firm and leader of its Trade Marks practice and Regulatory department. She specialises in intellectual property, administrative law and sanitary legislation, and is a member of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property. Carmen was a pioneer in the creation of the firm´s regulatory department, and was Consultant for the European Community and Andean Community on a project for labelling food products and beverages. She participated in the UNDP-ALADI (Latin American Integration Association), compiling information on environmental regulations and standards for exporting key products. She has also held key positions at different Courts, including co-judge, and magistrate of the District Administrative Litigation Court. Carmen is a former president and vice-president of the Ecuadorian-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Integration, and was previously a national delegate to the ASIPI (Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property).

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