About Dr José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa

Dr José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa is a senior partner, as well as managing partner of Bustamante & Bustamante. He is also head and founding partner of the firm's Intellectual Property Department. He is an expert in intellectual property and corporate law, banking and insurance, oil and mining, and business in general. His professional memberships include: the Ecuadorian Bar; the Inter-American Bar Association; the American Society of International Law; the International Bar Association Ecuador (Representative); the United States Trademark Association; AIPPI, the International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property; ASIPI, the Inter-American Association of Industrial Property; ECTA; and LES. Additionally, he is a member of Multilaw, of which he was chairman between 1996 and 1997. Since the beginning of Multilaw in London, he participated – together with the network’s progenitor – in the decision to create the network. He was elected as president of the network and encouraged the affiliation of Latin American law firms. His exceptional support is reflected in the excellent position achieved by Multilaw within the scope of legal services.

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