About Axel Buhr

Axel Buhr is a partner at the firm, and has participated in more than 25 arbitration proceedings as arbitrator, counsel and secretary. His track record includes cases under SCAI, ICC, VIAC and ad hoc arbitration rules. Most of his cases concern disputes in the field of construction/engineering, sales/purchases, joint venture/consortia and agency/distribution agreements. Axel is a member of the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), the German Arbitration Institute (DIS), and the Swiss Society for International Law (SVIR). Axel is admitted to the Bar in Switzerland and Germany. He has published widely in the field of international and national arbitration, private international law, and international procedural law, including contributions in leading Swiss commentaries on private international law and Swiss law on arbitration. Axel holds a PhD from the University of Lucerne on procedural issues in cross-border litigation and has taught at the University of Lucerne since 2010.

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