About Dato’ A.J. Surin

Dato’ A.J. Surin is a partner at the firm and was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in 1996. He practises in the area of corporate law, including technology-related projects, privatisation, corporate finance and intellectual property. Prior to practice, he was an executive in an investment bank in Kuala Lumpur. Dato' A.J. has advised on the development of information and communications technology (ICT) and government policy, specifically on the research and drafting of federal and subsidiary legislation. Formerly a general counsel of a technology-focused publicly listed company, a former member of the Bar Council's intellectual property sub-committee and its cyberlaw sub-committee, and the holder of an MBA with a double major in International Business and Management Information Systems, Dato’ A.J. has considerable experience in cyberlaw, cyberpolicy and cybersecurity matters. He is also a regular contributor to the press for commentary on new legislation and legal issues related to technology.