About Carlos Eduardo Ambiel

Carlos Eduardo Ambiel has been a partner at Ambiel, Manssur, Belfiore and Malta since its founding in 2008, working in preventive consultancy (auditing, contracts and regulations, consultations and opinions) and in judicial litigation, including in higher courts. He worked on the privatisation of Banespa and Banestado Banks and on the restructuring of Banco Besc, with the implementation of the largest voluntary redundancy programme in the sector. He has experience with audits and consultancies for companies operating in various sectors (electrical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil, metallurgy, civil construction, culture and entertainment, sports, games, fairs and events). He has experience in negotiating and drafting contracts and distraints of senior executives and professional athletes, as well as licensing contracts for brands and products, televising events, sponsorship and advertising.

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