About Japyassú Resende Lima

Japyassú Resende Lima is the master partner and a consultant at Lopes Pinto, Nagasse, who specialises in regulation, data protection (LGPD and GDPR), transportation, digital assets (including blockchain), infrastructure and logistics law, life sciences, agribusiness, compliance, and corporate governance. He is the former head of legal, compliance and data management at a number of multinational and Brazilian companies. Japyassú has a master’s degree in law and an LLM from USP and Fordham University; is a postgraduate at Université de Bordeaux and ESADE; and is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the International Bar Association (IBA), and the Barreau de Lyon. He is also a GDPR Practitioner and holds InSA II, ICO and DPO Certificates, as well as a Member of Board Certificate (ICSS-B and CMC).

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