About Jose María Alfín

Jose María Alfín is a partner at the firm and focuses primarily on tax law, as well as foreign investment and complex litigation. He started his career in the Aequitas Project of the European Union, representing the Commercial & Land Registrars of Spain in relation to the creation of a harmonised legal framework for the standardisation and cross-border movements of companies in the European Union. He was previously Director of Legal, Tax, Compliance and Internal Audit at General Motors RFC for Spain, and was also Chief Legal Officer and Director of Estate and Wealth Planning Services at Andbank, the Andorra international banking group. Jose María specialises in local and international tax, wealth and estate planning, advising both individuals and companies. He has extensive experience in banking and financial matters, advising banks, investment companies and private clients. He lectures on banking, compliance, financial and tax matters at Professional Associations and Universities, and is the Andorra correspondent for the international tax online database IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation), in charge of tax, social security and investment matters.