About Guy Gissin

Guy Gissin is the managing partner of the firm, and specialises in commercial law, securities, corporate law, insolvency, debt arrangements and commercial litigation. In the past decade, Guy has been involved in complex debt arrangements and dissolution in the Israeli capital market. His personal involvement allowed the setting of significant legal precedents. Guy has been appointed personally by the court and creditors as a position holder in many corporations that have become insolvent. He acted as moderator in a panel which discussed the application of the EU Insolvency Regulation and the latest proposed Israeli insolvency law and case law. Guy has been appointed as the Foreign Representative of Urbancorp Inc., a Canadian company that raised bonds in the Israeli capital market and collapsed within four months. This is the first case where an Israeli officer is being recognised as a Foreign Representative in a main proceedings conducted outside of Israel. So far the bondholders of Urbancorp have received a return of over 50% of their bonds, which is a highly unusual rate for such proceedings, with significant returns expected in the near future.

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