About Joseph S. Sprinzak

Joseph S. Sprinzak has wide experience in both commercial and litigation aspects in the fields of shipping, multi-modal transport, marine insurance and aviation law. He is experienced in litigating in all types of marine and shore based disputes involving personal injury, charterparty disputes, insurance coverage issues, collisions, salvage, general average and cargo disputes, for a variety of corporations, ship-owners, time charterers, port agents, freight forwarders, ports, terminals, liability insurers, P&I clubs, cargo interests and their insurers, bunker suppliers and shipyards. Joseph appears regularly before all courts countrywide and has been involved in some landmark decisions. He has participated in court litigation and arbitrations outside Israel in the United States, England, Greece and Italy, working for overseas clients on many occasions. Joseph’s expertise covers most aspects of commercial shipping, with particular emphasis on sale and purchase, new-building contracts, ship finance and the evolving coastal shipping trade in Israel. He is a member of the Israeli Bar and Israel Maritime Law Association.

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