About Lewis Rinaudo Cohen

Lewis Rinaudo Cohen is co-founder of DLx Law, a law firm created to serve the needs of a new, technology-driven economy. Lewis works together with co-founder Angela Angelovska-Wilson and the rest of the DLx Law team to provide in-depth legal counsel to start-ups, major enterprises, and governmental entities on a broad range of matters involving the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other disruptive technologies. Passionate about the ability of innovative technologies to change the way businesses and individuals work together, Lewis has become a major advocate for its potential to benefit and transform industries around the globe. Over a 20-plus year career, Lewis’ experience has spanned everything from large-scale initial public offerings to the funding of start-ups, with a particular focus on securitisations and other complex structured financings. Lewis is a frequent public speaker on the topic of blockchain and the financial markets Prior to founding DLx Law, Lewis was a partner in the New York office of two of the Global 25 law firms.

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