About Jussi Talvitie

Jussi Talvitie is a senior attorney at Frontia. He has 15 years of experience in white-collar crime and criminal proceedings as well as litigating and arbitrating commercial and employment-related disputes. Mr Talvitie advises clients in matters relating to corporate criminal liability and white-collar crime. He specialises in anti-corruption and bribery (in both public and private sectors) and trade secret issues which typically involve extensive pre-trial investigations and complex proceedings. Mr Talvitie has acted as counsel in one of the largest and most complex bribery cases ever litigated in Finland, a case related to the defence industry and alleged bribery in several jurisdictions. He has also acted as counsel for a Fortune 500 company in a major trade secret litigation. Mr Talvitie has been counsel to domestic and international clients in a number of large and demanding business disputes, including matters concerning exclusive distribution rights, shareholder disputes and employment law.

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