About Carlos David Valderrama Narváez

Carlos David Valderrama Narváez is the managing partner of Legal Paradox ® and has expertise in decentralised finance, self-sovereign identity, regulatory sandboxes, stablecoins, metaverses, wallets, crowdfunding, exchanges and broker-dealers, blockchain KYC/AML rules, investment funds and smart contracts (even programming them in solidity and hyperledger). He provides advice to private and public entities such as banks, the British Blockchain Association (as a member of its Advisory Board and a regional adviser) and the blockchain legal working group of LACChain (an international Blockchain Alliance promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank), of which Carlos is chair. He also represents Mexico at the Blockchain Association Forum, of which he is a founding member. Carlos lectures on blockchain at universities such as Universidad Panamericana, ITAM and Tec, as well as training judges at the Mexican Federal Judicial Institute, and officials of the Mexican Central Bank.

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