About Iago Farias Lora

Iago Farias Lora is a consultant and head of the Intellectual Property, Digital Law and Technology department of Mauro Silva Advogados – Brasília/DF. Iago Farias Lora’s key clients are predominantly tech companies and he provides consultancy services on litigation involving intellectual property or digital issues in the field of technology. Iago Farias Lora’s academic background includes a Master’s degree in intellectual property and technology transfer, an MBA in project management and a certification by the Stanford University Law School on the US intellectual property law international programme. His complementary experience includes research in the fields of international private law and cyberspace, intellectual property arbitration and digital matters, technology transfer and prospecting, and technological exploration applied to legal data and its use in analysing court rulings on intellectual property cases. Iago Farias Lora is a member of the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI).

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