About Christoph De Preter

Christoph De Preter is an attorney-at-law at the Brussels Bar and partner with Edson. Christoph focuses on strategic consulting, strategic litigation, business law, intellectual property, and media and IT law. Prior to founding Edson, Christoph built an international management career in the software industry. He served as chief commercial officer to Luciad and Hexagon Geospatial, leading both companies to international expansion and profitable growth. Earlier, he helped to build a leading IP and IT litigation practice as counsel at a major US law firm. At the start of his career, Christoph was a research assistant at the Leuven University Centre for Law & IT. His research covered internet content regulation and gaming law. As a result, he became a widely recognised expert in ISP, platform and intermediary liability, and advised numerous gaming companies, trade associations and gaming-sponsored sports clubs.

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