About Juan Sebastián Arias

Juan Sebastián Arias is a dual-qualified attorney, admitted to practice in Colombia and the State of New York. He is a senior associate and member of the roster of arbitrators for the Arbitration and Conciliation Centre of the CCB. Juan Sebastián has been practising in the dispute resolution field for 11 years in various jurisdictions, including Colombia, France, Spain and the USA. He has participated in international commercial arbitration proceedings conducted under the ICC rules, CCB rules, Madrid Chamber of Commerce rules and in investment arbitration proceedings conducted under the ICSID and UNCITRAL rules. Juan Sebastián also has extensive experience in domestic arbitrations conducted under the CCB rules and has appeared in multiple litigations before national courts, including proceedings before the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice. His work has focused on disputes involving the construction, real estate, oil and gas, telecommunications and technology industries.

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