About Eprem Urumashvili

Eprem Urumashvili has been a partner at the firm since 2010. He has more than 19 years of work experience in domestic taxation and is regarded as a leading individual in the field of tax law by various ranking organisations. He is also a frequent speaker on international tax issues and has a broad experience representing the clients in tax disputes. Eprem’s field of expertise involves advising clients regarding the avoidance of tax-associated risks and assisting clients in negotiations, and a resolution of tax disputes in a cost-effective way. Furthermore, his scope includes transfer pricing and double taxation agreements, operational risks analysis, assessing tax risks in the banking-finance. Eprem is also widely known for his unique experience in the field of crypto-currencies. He was a special assistant to the project, operated by the Bitfury Group which implemented the Blockchain technology into NAPR of Georgia. The project is included in the case study conducted by the Harvard University. Currently, Eprem is a special representative of the Bitfury Group to Georgia.

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