About Chris Jager

Chris Jager co-heads the litigation department of Florent. His practice covers corporate litigation, inquiry proceedings in the Dutch Enterprise Chamber (shareholders' disputes), commercial litigation and arbitration, D&O liability litigation and insolvency litigation. He is a member of the Dutch Association for Corporate Litigation, the Dutch Association for Procedural Law, the Dutch Association of Insolvency lawyers and INSOL Europe. He has authored a number of articles in industry publications. Chris is regularly appointed by the court as a bankruptcy trustee and handles a large range of complex high-profile cases in the field of corporate litigation, such as the Leaderland, Cunico and DA cases. He handles ongoing commercial – often cross-border – litigations for Rabobank, MOSADEX (a Dutch leading pharmaceutical player), DA (one of the biggest chain of drugstores in the Netherlands) and ERIKS (a global industrial service-provider).

Contributions to Global Practice Guide