About Hyeon Kang

Hyeon Kang is a partner at BKL. He advises various domestic and international clients in the areas of real estate (including construction) and finance. Hyeon Kang is a member of the Korean Bar Association and New York Bar Association. Since the Korean real estate market opened to foreign investment in 1998, he has focused mainly on the fields of real estate and finance transactions as well as real estate development projects. He has been dealing with collective investment in real estate through real estate holding companies, real estate funds/trusts, project finance vehicles and similar special purpose vehicles. Hyeon Kang has been instrumental in the amendment to the relevant acts and regulations with respect to collective investments in real estate, advising the Korean government on the collective investment regime. He has also lectured on collective investment in the Lawyer Training Institute of the Korean Bar Association and the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Korean Supreme Court.

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