About Joey Garcia

Joey Garcia is a corporate and fintech lawyer at ISOLAS LLP. He co-chaired the government’s working group on blockchain to develop the infrastructure to accommodate a DLT regulatory framework in Gibraltar and was recognised as one of the top 12 lawyers in the world in this space. He is a member of the prestigious global Wharton Reg@Tech think tank in Philadelphia, a founding member of the European think tank thinkBlocktank and a member of the Digital Chamber of Commerce in Washington. Joey is also part of the UNODC cryptocurrencies technical experts’ workshop and contributed to the first book on blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation for 2019. He is a Xapo representative on the Libra Association and part of the Policy and Regulatory working group with Libra. He is also the appointed lecturer at the Gibraltar University and the vice chair of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies.

Contributions to Global Practice Guide