About Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre Fernández-Corugedo

Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre Fernández-Corugedo is an International Partner at Andersen Tax & Legal and heads the department of Litigation, Bankruptcy Law and Arbitration Law in the firm's Madrid and Valencia offices. Íñigo specialises in civil, corporate Law and Litigation, having participated in litigation proceedings before ordinary courts, as well as in domestic and international arbitration proceedings. A member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid, Íñigo is a Professor of Litigation and Arbitration Law at the Universidad Carlos III and the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. He is the author of numerous publications and is also a regular speaker at seminars. He often participates in conferences on Litigation and Arbitration Law organised by the Fundación de Investigación Derecho y Empresa in Madrid.

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