About Daphna Kapeliuk

Daphna Kapeliuk is a partner in the commercial and international litigation department and is considered Israel’s leading expert in international and domestic arbitration, with extensive academic and practical experience. She represents clients in complex international arbitrations under, among others, the ICC, LCIA, ICDR, UNCITRAL and ICISD rules, as well as before Israeli courts in matters concerning domestic and international arbitration. As the sole Israeli academic expert in the field, she is called upon to provide expert opinions in proceedings held before foreign tribunals. Dr Kapeliuk is also an expert in conflict of laws and private international law. She represents foreign clients before Israeli courts in matters concerning international jurisdiction, as well as enforcement of foreign judgments and awards. Dr Kapeliuk’s academic publications are regularly cited by the Israeli Supreme Court, district courts and magistrate courts, and have also been cited by the United States Court of Appeals (Seventh Circuit), as well as by the High Court of England and Wales.