About Daniella Ramirez Aguilar

Daniella Ramirez Aguilar is a competition specialist with 7 years of experience. She has previously worked at the Federal Economic Competition Commission and the Federal Telecommunications Institute, and been involved in cases regarding abuse of dominance, cartels and unlawful mergers, as well as the verification of compliance of conditions imposed on mergers. She has solid experience in the trial-like procedure before both competition authorities. She has been involved in procedures to determine market conditions and collaborated in the drafting of regulations for the Federal Telecommunications Institute. She conducted interlocutory proceedings regarding compliance and enforcement of the decisions of the Board of Commissioners. Daniella is also experienced in telecommunications and foreign trade, advising companies on the rules of origin, verification audits and Administrative Procedure in Customs Matters (PAMA). She is fluent in English.

Contributions to Global Practice Guide