About Conceição Gamito

Conceição Gamito joined VdA in 2002 and is a senior adviser and head of the indirect tax team at VdA. She advises clients on all VAT, customs and excise duty matters, and represents them before the tax authorities and tax courts. Conceição also advises clients dealing with indirect tax issues in foreign jurisdictions including Angola, Cabo Verde, East Timor and Mozambique. She represents VdA at the VAT Expert Group (European Commission) and is a certified tax arbitrator and the Portuguese correspondent for the online publication “VAT in Europe” (IBFD). Conceição is the author of several publications, including “VAT and Digital Economy”, “Digital Economy Taxation: the quest for a perfect solution”, “Bitcoins & VAT” and the Portuguese chapter of the “European VAT Handbook”. She has been an expert trainer at the International VAT Expert Academy since 2016 and a trainer at the VAT Forum’s International School on Indirect Taxation since 2011.

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