About Gerald Herrmann

Gerald Herrmann is a counsel who specialises in domestic and international tax law, general tax planning and tax structuring with a focus on private equity. He is a member of the renowned German Steuerkreis Regensburg eV, the association for the promotion of tax education and training at the University of Regensburg, and is fluent in English and French as well as his native German. Gerald is the author and co-author of several international and national publications, and has written on tax-related aspects in commentaries such as the ‘Münchner Handbuch für Gesellschaftsrecht’ (the Munich Handbook of Corporate Law) and in corporate tax-related publications in German tax journals such as ‘Internationales Steuerrecht’ (International Tax Law), as well as regularly blogging on current tax issues and topics on 'Handelsblatt' online Steuerboard.

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