About Javier Errecondo

Javier Errecondo is one of the founding partners of the firm, the resident partner of its New York office, and heads the Securitisation Practice. He is considered the most experienced big ticket securitisation lawyer in the market, having been active in the market since 1995 when he was the legal member of an advisory group appointed by the Argentine Government to develop and implement bank loan securitisations. He has participated in the drafting of important components of the Argentine legal, regulatory and tax framework for securitisation, including the latest amendments introduced in 2018. He has represented the banks in the succesfull placement of asset backed securities involving mortgage loans, car loans, corporate loans, consumer loans, export future receivables and air ticket future receivables, Javier is a member of Colegio de Abogados of the City of Buenos Aires, the New York Bar Association and Comite de Abogados de Bancos (Argentina).

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