About Edwin Vermulst

Edwin Vermulst has practised international trade and EU law and policy since 1985 and is a founding partner of the law firm. He has been involved in virtually all major EU trade defence cases since that time and is generally considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on anti-dumping, subsidies and safeguards. Mr Vermulst’s trade practice focuses on the defence of multinationals, trade associations and governments in trade defence proceedings, during the investigatory phase and subsequently in court and WTO challenges to measures imposed. Because of the interplay between trade defence measures and key customs laws such as classification, valuation and rules of origin, his practice soon expanded to cover these areas as well. Mr Vermulst is one of the few European lawyers in private practice to have served as a WTO Panellist and has repeatedly acted as counsel to governments involved in WTO dispute settlement proceedings, whether as complainants or respondents, before the Panel and the Appellate Body. His regulatory experience includes EU environmental issues, including cap and trade, export controls, state aid, notably under the transitional regime for accession countries, and merger filings.

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